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During the IELTS evaluate, an individual’s English skills will be evaluated into below mentioned 4 categories. Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening.




IELTS is considered as one of the challenging examination, it stands for International English Language Testing System. The exam evaluates an individual’s English Language Skills. IELTS is conducted to test the English language’s 4 skills. The IELTS is considered as the benchmarks for English language proficiency.

The IELTS examination is highly trusted among top international universities and companies as it is developed by Cambridge experts. It is the outcome of strong research and detailed development. The test is easily available and individuals can take tests conveniently.

The candidates who have cleared IELTS are accepted globally, more than 10,000 of international organization validate English language proficiency via IELTS. The examination is very fair and it includes Face to face testing to avoid foul play.


Why IELTS is important?

  1. Oversea Education: It is curial for students who are planning to pursue overseas higher education. They must validate their English proficiently in order to get admission into abroad universities and colleges. This is must if you want to pursue higher education in countries like Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA.
  2. Working Abroad: Since IELTS is one of the prominent English language evaluation test it is highly acknowledged by professional overseas. Hence, if you want to part of an English speaking countries it is mandatory to clear the IELTS examination and score well.
  3. Immigration: If you are planning to relocate to a new country where English is mandatory, it is essential for you to take IELTS and clear it. If you want to migrate to English speaking countries like Australia, Australia, USA, and UK you must get through IELTS Everything You Want to Know About IELTS Test.


During the IELTS evaluate, an individual’s English skills will be evaluated into below mentioned 4 categories

The listening part is for 30 minutes and is again divided into 4 parts. The listening part evaluates an individual’s ability of understanding, sharing ideas, conversation, objective, and development. It is best to prepare for the test practically as it involves different accents.


The reasoning section consists of 40 questions which test the reading skills of individuals which includes reading ideas, skimming, logical argument understanding, reading the lists, and recognizing the context of opinion.


The writing part is of 60 minutes and consists of 2 tasks which includes writing a detailed personal opinion and special formal or informal feedback.


The entire speaking part of IELTS consists of 3 parts and will take a total of 11-13 minutes. It is a face to face interaction where an individual cannot rehearse or prepare in advance. The entire conversation is recorded and it is must for the candidates to prepare well.


# Approach a trustworthy Education Consultant:

It is practically impossible for the students to clear all the 4 skill sets of IELTS themselves, they must take help of experts who can educate and train them well to clear IELTS. The Solve Education Consultancy helps students to get all the needed training so that they clear the IELTS and pursue higher studies overseas. If you are looking for IELTS Preparation Class In Nepal, Solve Education Consultancy is the most trusted name. The skilled staff makes sure that the candidates understand each and everything aspect of the test. The most crucial part is clearing IELTS is the speaking section, at Solve Education Consultancy guide the students with all possible scenarios so that they can take IELTS with confidence.


Why IELTS is mandatory for overseas education?

IELTS is one of the renowned and trusted English language proficiency test, it is significantfor the students to prepare well so that they can pursue their overseas career dreams. The IELTS is highly recognized in more than 140 counties that includes top universities, colleges, business schools, companies, immigration folks, and government departments.

It is mandatory for the students to take IELTS who want to a student in Australia, Canada, UK or USA from Nepal, it is a criteria to evaluate the students English speaking skill sets. The skilled trainers at Solve Education Consultancy have years of experience in training students for IELTS. The IELTS score is valid for 2 years, meanwhile, the students can apply for other overseas universities for their higher education via Solve Education Consultancy.



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